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Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Locating the A Note The A note can be found on all four strings of your bass guitar. The most convenient string with which to find the A, for some players, is the second to lowest string. This is the A string,…


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  • NaruSilver 4 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Yorvi Giron 4 years ago


  • charlzm 4 years ago

    Ummm…. bummer!

  • skipper1110 4 years ago


  • charlzm 4 years ago

    Menace – as immolationmetraton said, it is a Wawick. Specifically, it is a Warwick Katana neck-through with a high-gloss ocean blue finish. Warwick stopped making this bass, though I understand you can still special order a “custom shop” if you wanted one. It is pretty expensive, though…

  • charlzm 4 years ago

    Julian – for real? I have a video for every note here… A good fretboard diagram is essential if you need to learn or refresh your memory – you can get a poster or find it in most bass instruction books.

  • charlzm 4 years ago

    If you wanted to go up in pitch to a C, however, I’d recommend hovering your middle finger just over that note in preparation of fretting it. In other words, get your fingers ready for the next note and place them in the right place, ready to go. If you plan on shifting position, think about what notes you’ll be playing and with which fingers after the shift and mentally prepare. Practice the shift slowly until you get used to it. This may seem basic, but it will make your playing smoother.

  • charlzm 4 years ago

    Hiya Basstard – it’s usually best to figure out what note you’re going to play next, and have the appropriate finger either already on that note or ready to press down on it. Using your example of having your index finger on the second fret of the A string (playing a B), we need to know where you plan to go next. Are you going down in pitch or up? If you planned on going down to an A sharp next, go ahead and just rest your fingers on the D and G strings to mute them… (more)…

  • immolationmetraton 4 years ago

    it’s a warwick

  • menace391 4 years ago

    what kind of bass is that?

  • jonin1238 4 years ago

    helo, there,umm.. how many does a bass guitar chord have??

  • julianjonas123 4 years ago

    dude i need your help i play bass but i completely forgot the basics
    i need to know a g e and a c help me out?

  • Basstard22 4 years ago

    hello Charles,

    i have a small question : i play the bassguitar for about a year now, but im still not sure how to play in a right way with my left hand. is it better to let my fingers rest on a string below, or should i hold them above the string?

    for example : if i hold my indexfinger on the second fret of the A string, should i rest the other 3 fingers on the D string?

    kind regards, Thomas